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Indications of a Loose Vagina

July 30, 2010

Indications of a Loose Vagina
Hey ladies here are some small indication that your Vjay jay is a lil airy…. some indications that your vagina is becoming loose, such as:

You need to insert larger objects into your vagina to feel stimulation.
You’re having difficulty gripping your index finger with your vagina.
Your vagina does not completely close when you’re not aroused.
You can insert three or more fingers into your vagina with little or no resistance.
You have to work harder to reach orgasm than before.
You can’t satisfy your partner like you used to.
How to Tighten Your Vagina
One way to tighten your vagina during sex is to avoid too much arousal, but this is not recommended since you will not enjoy sex. Don’t sacrifice your own sexual experience just because you want to satisfy your partner. There are other ways to tighten your vagina, including the following.
Kegel Exercises: Learn how to do kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles located in the pelvic floor, which is the hammock that holds pelvic organs in place (Tips on how to do kegel exercises). They increase sexual pleasure by making pelvic muscles stronger and more elastic. They can also improve your bladder tone, so you don’t always leak urine. The best thing about them is that you can do them any time and anywhere without anyone knowing. Here’s how you do Kegel exercises:
Step 1: As you’re lying or sitting down, try to contract the muscles you use to stop urinating. You should feel the muscles squeezing your anus and urethra. You’re not exercising the right muscles if your buttocks or stomach tighten.
Step 2: Once you’ve found the right muscles to contract, squeeze for three seconds, and then relax for another three seconds.
Step 3: Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times per session, and do this at least three times a day. Remember that Kegel exercises only work when they are done regularly. It could take eight to 10 weeks before you notice any improvement. Kegel exercises get more effective as you do them more frequently.
Consult your doctor if you feel like you’re not doing the exercises correctly. He or she may recommend doing the exercises with biofeedback, which measures muscle tension and conveys information in real-time, so you know if you’re doing the exercises right.
Vaginal cones: These are weighted devices about the size of tampons that you put into your vagina for a period of time. A set of vaginal cones increases gradually in weight. Start with the lightest cone, insert it into your vagina, and then squeeze your muscles to hold it in place. Do this twice a day for about 15 minutes per session while doing your regular activities. Move on to the next heavier cone when you’ve successfully held the first one in place, and then work your way up to the heaviest.
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES): In this method, a probe that generates electric current is placed inside the vagina. The electric current stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor, causing them to contract and relax. NMES is performed every one to four days, and lasts for about 20 minutes per session. Treatment can last for weeks or longer, depending on the situation. Some health care providers allow you to perform these sessions in their offices, while others prescribe home treatment.
Neocontrol: Neocontrol is a special chair that generates magnetic fields to stimulate pelvic muscles. A nurse or technician in a urologist’s office usually administers it. Each session lasts for 20 to 30 minutes and is done twice a week for about eight weeks.
Manjakani or Oak Gall: Oak galls come from oak trees indigenous to Persia and Asia Minor. They are produced when leaves of the oak tree are penetrated by wasps. The resulting chemical reaction stimulates the leaves to produce a round hard ball called an oak gall. Oak galls have strong astringent properties that can supposedly tighten and firm up the muscles of the vaginal wall. It is said that they can restore elasticity and improve muscle tone, as well as reduce foul vaginal discharge.
Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that restores the muscle tone of the vagina, and tightens the vaginal canal. The surgeon removes excess lining on the vaginal wall to restore muscle tone. He also repairs soft tissues to decrease the diameter of the vagina.
Scalpels and lasers can be used to treat structural defects and tighten muscles. The procedure is usually fairly bloodless, and done on an outpatient basis. The surgeon also administers a local anesthesia, and you should be able to walk right after the procedure. The great thing about this is that you can resume your normal daily activities in just a few days. Your doctor though will probably recommend that you abstain from sex, use tampons, or douche for at least six weeks. Expect some mild swelling and light bleeding in the first 24 hours after the procedure. Any bruising or swelling should lessen or disappear within a day or two.
Whatever treatment you choose, make sure that you’re doing it not only for your partner, but also for yourself. Your goal shouldn’t be just to satisfy your sexual partner, but for you to also have a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience. Keep in mind that sex is not all about penetration. It’s a whole body experience that must be shared between you and your partner. For more info follow the pink lotus family  (STD info)
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  1. June 23, 2012 10:33 pm

    Kegel exercises are enough! Just like any muscle in your body, you must add strength and resistance to get effective and stronger pelvic floor muscles. The Pelvic floor surrounds the vagina and if these muscles are weak, then you have a loose vagina. The Pelvic floor also holds up the bladder and weak muscles can cause various forms of incontinence. The Kegelmaster is a great Pelvic Floor Strengthening device which can add up to 9 lbs of strength and resistance. You can purchase from or buy a couple master from me on under HealthyMommy.

  2. September 22, 2013 9:33 am

    All the women will be worried about their loose vagina after child birth, it is a fact. Now there is a method discovered to resolve this matter. Doing kagel exercises are very useful in this way, these exercises are amazingly fix this. So if you want to strengthen your vagina muscles and make you explosive organism, get all this information about these amazing exercises. It is simplest and easiest way to tight your vagina.

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