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Magnums Condoms for size or Status?

July 30, 2010

Working in a health clinic we provide Magnums and other types of condoms as well. Majority of the young black males come in and want the Magnums and I know for a fact that everybody’s thang thang doesn’t require a Magnum. So what is it about the Magnum? Is it the nice shiny gold wrapper that it comes in and the status that comes along with fitting a magnum or do you really need it? I’m sorry to say but being in the healthcare setting I’m on the other end of everybody wanting to wear Magnums. “It slipped off”, “It ripped” and so on, so now we are at a higher risk of STD’s, Unwanted pregnancy and so on. I’m not putting this off on the guys because the females come in and make the same requests for Magnums, so they are perpetuating fellas into feeling like they need to be a Magnum. Don’t get me wrong something is better than nothing but let’s be real if it’s gonna be wack if it’s wack weather it’s dressed in a Magnum or a Lifestyle. Follow me my site coming soon

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