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Eliminate Unwanted Addictions

August 5, 2010

Eliminate  Unwanted Addictions

Addiction to sodas, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, seems to be a standard in America these days.  I do not believe the addiction is to the soda itself, it’s the high-fructose corn syrup.  You see, high-fructose corn syrup comes from a genetically modified, genetically engineered product.  These companies specifically add in chemicals like high-fructose corn syrup and Aspartame, to get people physically addicted to the product.

We are a addiction society with about 130 million people addicted prescription drugs, approximately 47 million addicted to cigarette, 14 million who can be considered suffering from an alcohol addiction disorder, and 19.5 million people over the age of 12 are addicted to some sore of illegal drug, and the latest scientific research related to food addiction in an effort to raise awareness about the potential for sugar, fat and refined foods to be as addictive as alcohol and tobacco, thus confirming their influence on the obesity epidemic and increasing health problems in our country. So we must stop the Unwanted Addiction to everything that is not natural.

So, what’s the solution?

If you want to get rid of the addiction completely, I would start with the McCombs Plan.  That will clear out the Candida, which will then get rid of the cravings.

Another thing I would do to get rid of the cravings is the Roger Callahan Techniques.  Every time you get a craving just use those techniques and usually within a few days or weeks, it’ll knock your cravings out 100%.

The other thing I would suggest is the Be Pure Cleanse, because when you get the toxins out of your body you will eliminate cravings more effectively.

We are in August, for those of you that have broken your New Year’s Resolution promises.  Maybe that promise hasn’t been kept the last couple years, trust me, it’s tough.  Just remember, it’s never too late until it’s too late.

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Live Love Life in good health


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