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Replace rice with quinoa: Lysine found in helps keep skin healthy and looking young

August 5, 2010


Ladies here is another beauty tip for gorgeous skin give up the rice for Quinoa, it has Lysine in it that’s great for the skin. Stay young and look great with Quinoa. You can buy it at most health food store now.

Another reason to replace rice: Lysine found in quinoa helps keep skin healthy and looking young

One of the main advantages that quinoa has over rice and other traditional grains is its high protein and amino acid content. While rice and wheat are good for just providing energy and some fiber, quinoa provides that and so much more. It is a complete source of protein in that it contains significant quantities of every essential amino acid. Of these, possibly the most important of them is lysine.

Lysine cannot be synthesized by the human body. This means that the only way to get it is to eat foods that contain large amounts of it. Quinoa is one of the best vegetarian sources of lysine currently available on the market today. What makes lysine so important is that our body needs it in order to heal any damaged tissue, which is especially important for anyone who is recovering from any surgery or injury. It’s also an essential component in building and developing muscles, while boosting the body’s energy levels. This makes it particularly popular with athletes and people undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation. Lysine also boosts the body’s calcium absorption, helping to build stronger bones.

Lysine is also the friend of the dermatologist. Lysine is a key building block in the synthesis of the substances elastin and collagen. Anyone familiar with anti-aging treatments knows that these are two very important factors in keeping skin smooth, supple, and youthful looking. Collagen injections are a very popular but expensive form of age therapy, and the results they bring are often temporary, requiring repeated treatments to maintain the effect. Elastin is responsible for giving our skin its softness and resiliency. As we age, our skin tends to lose elastin, but this can be mitigated with a proper diet and vigilant skin care. Eating lysine rich foods such as quinoa is a much more cost effective and natural method of protecting your skin than any injections or surgeries. Quinoa’s high nutritional content, combined with lysine’s muscle building, energy boosting, and skin toning properties makes it ideal for those people looking to retain or recapture their youth.

Recent scientific research has revealed that lysine may have other medical applications as well. Early tests indicate that Herpes simplex, a viral infection that causes cold sores in the mouth region, may be treatable with lysine. How it does this is not yet fully understood, and is currently the focus of a major research effort. More significantly, a recent scientific discovery has found that certain lysine conjugates can be used to help aid the treatment of certain cancers. A recent experiment confirmed that lysine combined with phototherapy caused cancer cells to self destruct without causing any damage to healthy, non cancerous tissue. This could is an important breakthrough because all current cancer treatments involve destroying or damaging some healthy tissue in order to get rid of the cancer. Lysine could pave the way for more precise and painless cancer treatments and therapies.

Quinoa’s ability to be grown and harvested in the harshest terrain, combined with its superior nutritional content put in serious contention of replacing some of our staple crops. Its recent rediscovery and growing popularity have definitely made it one of the most sought after functional foods on the market.

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