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The Government Uses Deadly Chemicals In Your Meat

August 5, 2010

The Government Uses Deadly Chemicals In Your Meat…

By SirNatural

A new internal government audit, which was not supposed to be released to the public, shows that there are unacceptable levels of heavy metals, veterinary drugs and pesticides in the meat that we eat every single day.

This is from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety Inspection Services, the Food & Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.   It goes on to talk about how commercial meat in America is actually the most tainted meat in the world.  It’s loaded with heavy metals; it’s loaded with pesticides and herbicides; it’s loaded with antibiotics and other drugs.  It’s also loaded with veterinary drugs like Bovine Growth HormoneOur meat is incredibly poisonous.

What is the solution? We need to be Vegans and on some rare occasion wild fresh fish is ok sometimes. We must adopt an Alkaline Diet including alkaline foods and water to help naturally restore pH balance to the body. This is our only answer to maintaining a healthy and diseases free life.

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Live Love Life in good health


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