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Oprah on Meditation – 5 Keys to Healthy and Happy Life

August 6, 2010


I watched Oprah Show on TV the other day ( it was a older show) and was quite surprised that she included Meditation, Our people (colored Folks) don’t meditate much if you know what i mean, we are stress carriers to the end. So to see Oprah pushing this i really thought it was great being that so many black woman watch her and follow her. Now please just to let you know i’m not a Oprah fan just thought this was very enlightening, and a power message to our sister. This is one important element to have a healthy and happy life. Here are the list of 5 things Oprah mentioned in the program that you could do:

1. Well Balanced Diet
2. Exercise
3. Meditate
4. Sleep Well and Great Sex
5. Positive Attitude

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Why Meditation? Meditation has been known since the beginning of time and was widely practiced throughout various advanced civilization. Lately, modern doctors in big, reputable hospitals in the United States and Europe often includes Meditation as complement to their modern health treatments.

Meditation is proven to speed up the recovery time in many health problems. During meditation, our body will do a self healing session. When you relax, your brain is resting and for some people they will go into Alpha or even Theta condition. This is a deep meditation state. Meditation is considered as a reset button, where your body function is reset to its normal setting again, after a busy working day.

Certain meditation technique such as Reiki, or Divine Energy Healing will add more benefit to your meditation. These techniques often comes with Self Healing session . When you do a self healing session, the healing energy will not only heals certain area of your body, it will boost your immune system. With better immune system, one will be much healthier and not easily get sick.

During deep meditation, our brain is producing Human Growth Hormone. With enough supply of this hormone, one will be rejuvenated. He or she will look and feel younger and healthier. That is why if you include meditation as your daily routine, you will get the incredible benefit.

Spiritually, one who meditates also tends to be more ready to face certain unpleasant things in life, such as death. This is because meditation often times increase one’s awareness and makes him or her more capable to overcome fear. Without feeling any fear, one’s life will be much happier.

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