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Fast Food Kid’s Meals Have Adult-Sized Fat, Calories and Salt

September 14, 2010


Happy meals are cholesterol and salt bombs marketed to kids with toys and tie-ins. Why is this legal?

Nobody ever claimed Happy Meals were healthy, but dietitians at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) had a bite of a few of them and found that they had half a day’s worth of calories and more than a day’s recommended intake of salt. PCRM’s nutrition director Susan Levin says:

“Kids shouldn’t have to dodge cholesterol bombs packaged in colorful, toy-filled boxes. We’re losing the war against childhood obesity, but fast-food chains are still making obscene profits by targeting children with high-fat meals.”


Of course, the fast food kids meals are marketed with movie tie-ins and toys, backed up by extensive television advertising; it is hard for parents to resist. But just a look at these numbers should scare any parent away from them.

According to the Consumerist, In San Francisco, they are trying to ban using “incentive items” on meals that have over 600 calories or 640 milligrams of salt. They are also mandating that kids meals must have a half cup of fruit and three-quarters cup of vegetables before toys would be allowed. The reason:

“Our legislation will encourage restaurants that offer unhealthy meals marketed toward children and youth to offer healthier food options with incentive items or toys,” says the bill’s chief sponsor. “It will help protect the public’s health, reduce costs to our health care system and promote healthier eating habits.”

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