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Find Happiness Without Buying It

September 14, 2010


We live in a world of conspicuous consumption and material excess, where we’re constantly bombarded by advertisements that tell us we are what we consume, and that if we increase our consumption, we will increase our happiness. If we are to discover true happiness, says Jay White of the erroneously named Dumb Little Man, we must change our attitudes about money. He notes in a post:

We must learn that money, and the spending of it, provides only a temporary relief but does not present us with any real long lasting benefits. We end up owning something we either do not really want or do not really need, and the underlying emotional issues remain.

Following are White’s three dollar-free tips for bringing about happiness.

1. Imagine having no money: What would you do to make yourself happy if you had no money at all? Instead of focusing on material accumulation, consider spending quality time with people you love, playing with or reading to your children, or spending time enjoying nature.

Rather than focus on the temporary satisfaction you may feel from spending money, try the following to bring you happiness without it:

2. Want what you already have: Society may teach us to covet our neighbor’s possessions, but you can shift your thinking to be satisfied with (or want) what is already yours. Learn to recognize when your desire for possessions overwhelms the importance of other aspects of your life. Instead of striving for what you lack, focus on being thankful for what you own.

3. Volunteer: “One way to appreciate what you have is to work with others who have nothing,” White says, “or who have disabilities that no amount of money can overcome.” Volunteer at a food bank, or to work with underprivileged children, to give you some perspective of where you are in life, as well as to create a deeper appreciation for the gifts you do have.

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Live Love Life in good health


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