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More Money, More Problems

September 14, 2010


Or at least less happiness – a study finds that when we think about money, we enjoy life’s small pleasures for less time.

More proof that overconsumption is one of our biggest problems: when we think about money, we are not only less happy, but we appreciate even small things for a shorter period of time.

Most Planet Green readers already know that money, and material things, do not bring happiness, but here’s another tangible way to prove the point: a study that has found that even the thought of money reduces satisfaction from the simple pleasures in life.

Scientific American explains the study, published in Psychological Science, that divided 374 adults into two groups, one that was shown a picture of money and one that wasn’t (or really, was shown the picture, but the image was blurred beyond recognition).

Psychological tests measured participants’ ability to savor pleasant experiences, which has been scientifically proven to predict a person’s degree of happiness. The group that had been shown the picture of money scored lower, and the second test compounded these findings:

Participants were given a piece of chocolate after being shown a picture of money or a blurred photograph. Then an observer timed how long the person savored the morsel of chocolate. Women savored the chocolate longer than men, but regardless of gender, individuals shown the picture of money beforehand spent significantly less time savoring the chocolate—on average, 32 seconds versus 45 seconds.

The lesson: money can provide (things), but it can just as easily take away (pleasant emotions). Whether it’s because the thought of money adds stress or sets your mind on what you don’t have, it reduces your ability to focus on savoring things you really do enjoy.

Learning to be content in having what you need, however, makes it easier to focus on what’s in front of you. Whether that’s chocolate, good music, a best friend, a significant other, or just a nice sunset—does anyone want to miss the chance to enjoy these things?

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