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Provisions of new health care reform law take effect this week

September 22, 2010


Some New info on health care reform check it out.

Provisions of new health care reform law take effect this week

Clark has been eagerly watching new polling data detailing how Americans are reacting now that they’re several months removed from the tumultuous passage of health care initiative. We are still a very polarized nation, with a plurality of people either firmly pro or con, and then a lot of others in the middle who are just unclear on the impact of the reforms.

Having said that, several provisions of the new health care reform law take effect this Thursday. Now, this is not intended to debate the merits of reforms; it’s just being offered to explain what’s happening this week.

  • Children can no longer be excluded from coverage because of pre-existing conditions.
  • A child can remain on a parent’s group health care plan until age 26. Most plans switch over Jan. 1, so as practical matter you probably won’t be able to add them until January.
  • No more spending limits on annual or lifetime medical benefits.
  • Insurers are forbidden from doing “rescission,” which is where they would drop you if you got sick — except in instances of fraud. The old excuse of finding a clerical error on your application will no longer be allowed.
  • Many common preventative services like annual check-ups will now be free. The thinking is that insurers save more when they diagnose diseases early.
A lot of these are what Clark calls “crowd pleasers” that will go into effect now so that people who are in favor of the health care reform law can have something to point to ahead of the midterms elections.

Again, this is not intended to be a political discussion. Let’s just say this: These changes are positive things. The other side of the debate is that all these things cost money. So let’s just leave it at that, as Clark says!

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