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“Fidelity the best credit card in America”

September 23, 2010


Hey With all the hype around the black card and Visa Black which is all just that hype. The best card overall is the Fidelity Investments Amex. Read why it’s the best card. Let’s spend wiser and smarter.  In Good Health

Since late 2008, Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments have offered competing 2% cash-back cards. Both were spectacular offers and led Clark to say that the discount brokerages were vying for the unofficial title of issuing the “best credit card in America.”

Well, now Schwab has bailed out of the race. As of April 1, 2010, “Chuck” is no longer accepting new applications for the Charles Schwab Invest First Visa. Existing customers who already have the card can continue to use it under the original terms. But no one else can get into the game at this point.

No word yet why the Schwab offer was pulled or if it will be coming back.

We’re in an era where the top five credit card issuers — Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, American Express and Capital One — have a whopping 70 percent of market share. Keep in mind that there are probably more than 1,000 issuers in all, and the bulk of the business is concentrated among five players!

So if you’re in the market for a new credit card, look to smaller community banks, credit unions, USAA (if applicable) and military-based credit unions as issuers. You’re likely to find a better deal.

Reward cards are always popular, but typically have higher interest rates. They really only benefit those who pay their bill in full each month. If you carry a balance, however, having a reward card is like trying to collect fool’s gold; try instead to get a non-reward card with the lowest interest rate possible.

Then there’s the question of airline mileage cards. Clark’s typical advice is to avoid these kinds of cards because it’s difficult to redeem miles and the airlines keep raising the number of miles you need to get a seat. The only exception to his rule might be someone like a business owner who has a high charge volume and travels often.

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