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Brown Seaweed Reduces Abdominal Fat

October 11, 2010


So fellas I think we have found the natural cure to a beer belly. lol   Now everybody Clap……..  So it seems that the natural fucoxanthin it contains can burn belly fat. That’s why most Japanese people are not fat. Check out the info below and let me know what you think. I am still doing some personal research on this one people so I will keep you posted.

Americans may eventually have a new tool to shrink growing waistlines. A Japanese preliminary study showed that the brown pigment in a type of seaweed, wakame, can help to reduce abdominal fat.


The study was done on rats, who lost 5 to 10 percent of their body weight through their abdomens. Scientists concluded it was the pigment fucoxanthin, which also stimulated a protein in their white adipose tissue (abdominal fat) to oxidize.

Brown seaweed such as wakame is consumed widely in Japan – it makes up about 10 percent of the average Japanese diet. Japan also has a much lower rate of obesity than America.

The findings could mean that someday we could take a pill every day or as needed to shrink our bellies. However, this would be at least five years away.

The idea sounds great, but remember, this was done on rodents, not people. More human studies are in the works.

In the meantime, being active and eating a healthy diet will help with abdominal fat.

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Live Love Life in good health


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