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FDA scrutinizes health claims of green tea beverages

October 28, 2010


The FDA are up to their old tricks… They do not want you to know about anything that provides health beneifits. Check out this report from the Clark Howard Show.

FDA scrutinizes health claims of green tea beverages

The Food and Drug Administration has called out soft drink manufacturers like Lipton and Canada Dry for making unsubstantiated claims about the health benefits of their green tea-flavored beverages.

The FDA took issue with Canada Dry’s Sparkling Green Tea Ginger Ale, saying in a warning letter that claims about the drink being “enhanced with 200 mg of antioxidants from green tea and vitamin C” are essentially bogus.

Lipton, meanwhile, was taken to task for presenting research about the cholesterol-lowering effect of green tea. The FDA argued that the beverage could be misconstrued as a drug that might lower a patient’s cholesterol and as such was mis-branded.

As a prostate cancer survivor, Clark drinks the Lipton Green Tea 100% Natural Naturally Decaffeinated beverage from time to time for its alleged antioxidant content. (He also drinks Kirkland Signature’s diet green tea.)

But the reality is drinks that are fortified with additives are not necessarily healthy. You’re not doing a favor to your health by drinking an “enhanced beverage.” You’re simply doing a disservice to your wallet by paying a higher price for it.

If your goal is to eat or drink in a healthy way, get back to basics. Don’t drink beverages that are supposedly fortified with this or that ingredient; eat the real food instead to get the health benefits!

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