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Stop and eliminate fibroids in woman Naturally through Diet.

February 26, 2011



Uterine fibroids are actually a bulging of the uterine tissue—either inside or outside of the uterus. A woman can experience nothing, or she might have issues with infertility, pelvic pain, or abnormal bleeding. They’re very common, and often benign. The conventional treatment for uterine fibroids is surgery in order to remove them. The problem with that is that it’s not identifying and treating the cause of why the fibroids were there in the first place, and they often come back. Typically, uterine fibroids are caused by too much estrogen with corresponding lower levels of progesterone. This is known as “estrogen dominance,” and can occur because of too much estrogens outside of her body—whether it be from taking the birth control pill, maybe hormone replacement therapy, or from exposure to environmental toxins. Poor estrogen metabolism can also contribute to estrogen dominance.

Uterine Fibroids Treatment
When treating a woman with uterine fibroids, the first thing I want to do is decrease her exposure to environmental estrogens. I recommend she eats a diet of whole, organic foods, and minimizes the intake of processed foods. The second thing I want to do is make sure that the liver is properly metabolizing estrogen. I do this by prescribing a comprehensive liver detoxification using an herbal preparation and an ingredient called DIM—or diindolylmethane —which is a component of cruciferous vegetables. I also recommend using castor oil packs to decrease any pelvic congestion.

Uterine Fibroids Treatment Success with NaturopathicMedicine
The natural treatment for uterine fibroids doesn’t necessarily get rid of the fibroids, but it does treat the cause so it stops them from growing, and therefore eliminates the symptoms. I actually have a really good success rate. When the women I’m working with follow my protocol, about 90% of them have a decrease in symptoms within the first two months, and are symptom-free within four.

Uterine Fibroids Diet
If somebody wants to reduce the symptoms of their uterine fibroids, I recommend that they adopt a natural living lifestyle. This includes reducing exposure to environmental estrogens, by eating whole organic foods, buying healthy and natural health and beauty aids—and cleaning supplies—drinking plenty of filtered water, and I also recommend seeing a naturopathic doctor.

A fibroid is a diet that is designed to meet the specific needs of women who have their symptoms caused by fibroids. We all know the importance of healthy eating and this is particularly important for women with this condition. There are also guidelines for items that should be both included and excluded from a diet fibroids.

Why fibroids are so difficult to treat due to their nature. Fibroids are not caused by infection or disease, bothwhich can be relatively easily treated with medication, but is believed to be caused by lifestyle. However, doctors are not yet unanimous on the exact causes, but there is general agreement on the following points: —

* Fibroids are affected by estrogen levels and grow more when there is an abundance of this hormone
* Fibroids are more common in African Caribbean Women
* Women in their mid-thirties leave are more likely to suffer from fibroids
* Fibroidsare more common in overweight women
* There is a genetic link fibroids tend to run in families
* There is some sensitivity to chemicals in the environment and fibroids are known to increase in response to certain toxins that mimic the effect of estrogen
Fibroids * seem to be more frequent among women who have a tendency to inflammatory status

When conventional treatments for fibroids are used, such as removal of individual fibroids or reduce their size bysurgically blocking the blood vessels, the fibroids are very likely to return. When you consider the factors that we know about fibroids, it is easy to understand why. The standard treatments do not address what may have caused the fibroids and whether they will merely postpone.

A fibroid diet focuses on the general causes of fibroids and takes these factors into account.

One of the most important food fibroid is to seek ways of Naturallyreducing estrogen levels. A simple way to achieve this is to ensure a healthy weight is updated only fat cells are known to be one of the ways that the body produces estrogen. Another way of reducing estrogen is undergoing treatment for liver detoxification. It works by getting rid of chemicals in the environment that are stored in the liver and some of which can mimic the action of estrogen. Eat a generally healthy, low fat and is concentrated in the organic foods that occurwithout hormones, pesticides, chemicals or additives are also known to be beneficial. In addition, you should avoid artificial sweeteners, caffeine and processed foods.

In addition to a diet that helps with fibroids, some herbs and foods are considered to both reduce symptoms and help shrink fibroids. These include motherwort, cleavers, gutters, ash bark pear, ginger and red raspberry leaf.

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  1. March 19, 2011 6:35 pm

    Thanks for this information. I have had alot of problems with cysts and fibroids in the last 5 years. No doctor has told me that it has anything to do with my diet, yet I’m sure it is. So, I have started making changes to my diet and am seeing some positive results.


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