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Which are Healthy Cooking Oils and which You Should Avoid. This Info can save your life

April 12, 2011


Hey I just found out something that I know a lot of people don’t know. For all of you that cook at home here is some information I think is very important to your health. How many of us know which oils to cook with and which oil to absolutely avoid cooking with. Which oils are great to add to foods after they are cook. This is very important cause when some oils are heated they change into a toxic chemical that is no longer the same. When any oil you are cooking with starts to smokes it is no longer good it should be toss out immediately. So let me break it all down for you.

Healthy cooking oils…? If you are like most people, you’ve probably been told that all fats are bad – especially when you try to lose weight, right?

By the end of this page you will find all the answers to your questions about healthy fats, including good oils for cooking and the ones helpful in weight loss. You’ll also discover the scary truth about bad fats and dangerous trans fats.

Read on.

As you might have heard, the “low fat” mantra is outdated, you know better know. The right amounts of certain healthy types of fats are actually vital to help you not only lose weight, but stay healthy too.

Healthy Cooking Oils

However, you should know that not all of them are suitable to cook with.


Because higher temperatures burn (oxidize) some oils much more than others, destroying their molecular structure and creating certain harmful compounds.

So naturally, you want to use healthy cooking oils that, in addition to remaining stable at cooking temperatures, are not already spoiled by industrial processing, becoming harmful, bad cooking fats.

So, Which Ones are Healthy Cooking Oils?

When trying to lose weight, cooking with any fat can be tricky.

But if common vegetable oils (canola, corn, safflower, soybean, and sunflower) are absolutely the worst oils you can cook with, what should you use in the kitchen?

Well, despite the propaganda, saturated animal fats like butter & lard and saturated nut oils like coconut, avocado, and peanut oils are the most healthy cooking oils.

Or better put – the safest oils to cook with, that are not damaged by high cooking temperatures.

However, butter and lard are animal fats more easily stored as body fat, so you might want to limit their use.

And while avocado and peanut (groundnut) oils are less available, coconut oil is easy to find and particularly healthy to cook with.

Why is that?

Because coconut oil resists amazingly well to the highest cooking temperatures and does NOT create any oxidized toxic particles harmful for your body.
It is the safest among all other healthy cooking oils.

Did you know that coconut oil actually makes you burn more fat? It’s true!

In addition to coconut oil weight loss benefits, it lowers your cholesterol, helps you prevent disease, boosts your energy, makes you active and energetic.

Healthy Cooking Oils

So whenever you need fat to fry, bake, or sauté with, use coconut oil instead of any other vegetable oils or – even worse – synthetic margarines and shortenings.

And if you insist on making a deep-fried dish, use coconut oil too.

When you are done deep-frying and the oil is still liquid, filter it into a jar and save it up to a year, it’ll still be good. Imagine, healthy deep frying.

But what about flaxseed and olive oils, you ask?

Well, the health benefits of flaxseed oil and extra-virgin, cold-pressed olive oil are well-documented. These are heart-friendly and smart choices in salads, dressings and vinaigrettes.

However, never, EVER cook with them.

Why? Because they get oxidized and completely destroyed as soon as you heat them, becoming harmful for your health.

And the same applies to roasted sesame and walnut oils. Add them in small amounts for a delicious, dense aroma to your stir-fries only AFTER you’ve removed the wok from the heat, or use them to flavor any cold dishes.

In summary, here’s how to easily remember which are healthy cooking oils and which ones you should avoid:

  1. Safe & Healthy Cooking Oils: coconut oil, butter (ghee), peanut oil, avocado oil 

  2. Bad Cooking Oils: canola oil, corn oil, safflower oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil 

  3. Healthy Oils – but DO NOT heat: olive oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil, walnut oil
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