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Chemtrails Are Real And They Are Killing US….

June 3, 2011

So Prince was telling the truth about chemtrails. It’s hard to convince others that chemtrails even exist. Most shrug and wonder what the fuss is about. After all, jets have exhaust trails, don’t they? Yes they do. Those are seen sometimes as contrails. But contrails don’t trail for more than a few plane lengths, nor do they remain in the sky and become hazy clouds. Contrails are ice crystals formed from jet exhaust when conditions are right. So they evaporate quickly.

Chemtrails linger, often from horizon to horizon, sometimes widening to form streaky clouds. Chemtrails are loaded with heavy metal toxins that have been measured in the water and air at several different locations. And now these toxins are showing up at high levels in blood samples from regular folks who have been ill while living in chemtrailed areas.

The Toxins

Throughout the world, many curious young and old regular folks, serious amateur scientists, and environmental activists have collected water and air samples after a period of chemtrailing has occurred. The results are almost identical regardless of the locations.

Aluminum, barium, and strontium are found with high levels in all those samples. They are invisible yet are found in water and air samples at ground levels; this means they are infesting plant life and water supplies while we breathe them into our lungs. Breathing in toxins bypasses a considerable amount of our immune systems.

An Arizona resident recently collected certified medical blood test documents from seriously ill Arizonians and sent them to various State and Federal elected officials demanding an investigation. The blood sample documents showed extremely high amounts of either barium or aluminum or both. None of those people worked or had worked with hazardous materials. Some were retired.

Some long time rural residents, away from dense automobile traffic and industry, in California and New Mexico, Canada and elsewhere were noticing hazier skies and fading greenery with waning crops. These were environmentally concerned citizens from all walks of life who started investigating the chemtrail phenomena.

Covering Up and Conditioning

In 2008, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) sponsored a scientific symposium in San Diego where the prospect of experimenting with aerosol geo-engineering, aka chemtrailing, was discussed. They mentioned spraying aluminum in the stratosphere as a useful sun shield to slow global warming.

What’s strange is they were proposing an inexpensive and easy experiment to be considered that had been going on for well over a decade. None of those scientists knew or admitted this. Just as invasions of other nations are covered as humanitarian interventions, chemtrail activity was given its own cover story.

Increasing Awareness

The first step for solving any problem is knowing that it exists. Very few humans look at aircraft activity or weather phenomena with a critical eye. Then it has to be accepted that there is something strange and different about those long, dense trails from high altitude aircraft that linger and billow out.

Observe the difference between contrails and chemtrails with open eyes and an open mind. Research the internet and observe satellite photos of crisscrossing trails. Read about the established flight logs and established commercial aircraft routes that differ from those chemtrail patterns. Use the internet for more information. The links below in the sources section, liberally sprinkled with eye opening videos, provide a starting point.

Taking care of yourself and family is the first priority. You should increase heavy metal detox protocols and consume more foods that protect you from heavy metals. Use the Natural News search window for details. Then maybe you can become active in the burgeoning anti-chemtrail movement.

Click here for the full report from Natural News

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  1. June 27, 2011 7:22 pm

    Interesting, yet with every discussion there has to be an opposing view point to allow a more informed dialogue to occur.

    First, one should ask the question “Is there a benefit with the chem-trails and in what regards?” Granted, the focus of your discussion is the negative consequences upon human health and are very thought generating for the readers to explore and become self-educated upon those consequences of the heavy metals within the so called chem-trails. Chem-trails exist, they have been documented and photographed world wide.

    In consideration of the question asked upon the possible “benefits” that would occur, one has to conceptually understand the dynamics of the stratosphere and the protective ozone layer.

    During the industrial age, large amounts of sulfur was released into the atmosphere with the burning of fossil fuels and then later on CFC’s were released into the atmosphere. The chlorine molecule in the upper atmosphere destroys the ozone layer, there is documented references to the growth of the ozone layer for the last 40 years. Barium, as a fine powder released in the atmosphere reaches the stratosphere and will interact with the chlorine molecule. In the upper atmosphere, 20% of the chlorine would be considered “natural” from events such as volcanic eruptions and the other 80% is the result of the CFC that have been released. To help restore the ozone layer, the barium and aluminum in the chem trails will eventually, over time, rain out the chlorine molecule from the stratosphere and ozone layer.

    Second, consider the “acid lakes” that occurred in up-state New York or around the globe because of higher concentrations of sulfur due to the burning of fossil fuels. As aluminum is being released in the chem-trails, the fine dust particles become part of the clouds and weather systems around the world. With the addition of aluminum, the water chemistry changes from an acid to an alkaline and this helps to restore the systems and improve the lakes for fish to be reintroduced into the lakes.

    Third, both barium and aluminum contribute to reflectivity of the incoming solar radiation. The clouds become “whiter” and reflect the radiation back out into space. One can argue the aspect of “weather modification” to offset the aspects of “global warming”; and that would fall into the realm of “geo-engineering” the planet.

    So while there may be negative human, plant, and animal losses or consequences to the use of chem-trails, the long term benefits of restoring the environment for the surviving species have to be presented as well.

  2. Neeva permalink
    February 2, 2013 7:33 am

    chemtrails are just water vapor and quite harmless.

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