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Vegetarian diets reverse and eliminate many serious illnesses

October 12, 2011

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A new study found that plant based diets are a fundamental solution to our public health crisis, especially with some of the most serious and debilitating illnesses. The physicians at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute found that the frequency and the cost of many illnesses, including obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, can be considerably reduced just by switching to a whole food, nutrient dense, plant-based diet that doesn’t include meat or dairy. Sometimes, the diseases were reversed just with these diet changes too.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, who led the study, said: “We are potentially on the cusp of what could be a seismic revolution in health. This will never come about from another pill, another procedure, another operation, or construction of another cardiac cathedral. It will come about when we are able to show the public the lifestyle that will halt and eliminate 75% of these common, chronic killing diseases. The most essential component of this lifestyle is whole food plant-based nutrition.”

This is foundational for a population that often eats meat and dairy daily and also one that often has one health problem or another. It’s also eye opening for people who still believe that medical doctors have the health care answers, even though medical doctors are often only required to take one nutrition class (and that class is often about how foods and drugs interact). That seems to be lacking quite a bit when dietary changes can reverse and eliminate 75% of the most serious problems – and most people get the serious problems after having several smaller problems.

Dr. Esselstyn initiated this study to treat seriously ill patients with coronary artery disease with plant-based nutrition, and he generally succeeded in the reversal or removal of their disease.

According to Esselstyn, “Patients lose weight, blood pressure normalizes, and type 2 diabetes improves or resolves, as does angina, erectile dysfunction, and peripheral vascular and carotid disease.” He also added that today’s adolescents are but a decade or two away from compounding our healthcare epidemic.

Of course, the best time to start a dietary program that has the potential to change the quality of your future is always today. While adding tons of fruits and veggies to your diet and dropping the meat and dairy can reverse many diseases, it’s also definitely better to just avoid the disease route all together. Many people who practice this type of diet also find that they feel better emotionally and have better energy, which just equates to a better overall quality of life too.


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  1. .... permalink
    March 21, 2012 1:45 am

    WTH? This is absoulutly NOT true, in fact, the very OPPOSITE has been proven.
    None of the diseases that plague modern americans were prevalent before all this vegetarian shit came out, there are plenty of studies to prove it.
    the reason meat is “bad” is because the animals that most people are treated cruelly and fed unnatural diets (Corn, Grain, & Soy) all of which damage their bodies (plus the fact cows are over milked and kept pregnant and chickens never see the light of day) and their internal organs functioning + the hormones they inject into the animals for growth (mostly estrogens) seep into the muscle tissue making it unsafe for humans to eat. the healthiest cultures in history ate mainly 80% meat or fish, the rest was berries fruits or nuts that were found or grown. plants and grains are a new and disastorous food to humans.

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