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Lets Detox

October 14, 2013

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Lets detox. I talked about it before here is more info on it. Oxygen is the bodies great detoxification tool. We have to get more of it into our bodies then your body will do the rest. Here are some simple way to start. I will address more ways to Detox in another blog.

Detoxification programs usually involve some degree of dietary modification or a detox diet. A detox cleansing diet often consists of very light raw vegetarian food (eg, fruits, salads and vegetables) or even a juice fast, which involves drinking only fresh raw vegetable juices and eating no solid food.

A liver detox diet should also be considered as part of a detox program and can include lots of fresh vegetable juices and garlic (high in selenium and glutathione) which will help your liver expel any accumulated toxins – a healthy liver will greatly assist your body to recover from any illness and as such it must be cleansed as part of any detoxification program.

However this is only just the beginning: any serious body detoxification programs need to work at a much deeper level than this and should aim to cleanse all the 5 major elimination organs of the body – liver, colon, kidneys, lungs and skin.

Without completely cleansing all these major organs and also the blood and lymphatic systems, which are also critically important to your body’s overall ability to detoxify itself and maintain its health and vitality, you will not be able to effectively cleanse your body in the long term as toxins will not be adequately removed from your body.

Alcohol detoxification is another sub-classification of detoxification, and with the current high level of alcohol abuse in our society, an alcohol detox is something that any good detox program should include. An alcohol detoxification program will consist of therapies that can quickly and effectively cleanse the body and the blood and allow the individual to regain good vibrant health without feeling any serious detox symptoms.

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