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“Healthy” Foods That Are Killing You #sirnaturalblogs

November 23, 2013

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I thought this is some great information for vegans…. The key is to eat food the closest to it’s natural state as possible. Logo ok final

#1 Juice Cleanses

They sound harmless enough. But dietitians are finding links between juice cleanses and anorexia. Patients who go on juice cleanses are highly likely to follow them with a crash diet. And these crash diets can damage your organs, lower your blood sugar. Often patients become so thin after a juice cleanse that they have to seek medical treatment for anorexia nervosa. This only applies to people who over do it. Juice cleanses are good to do twice a year.

#2 Soy

Tofu only sounds like healthy protein. Nutritionally, soy is great for you. But soy has other problems. In your body, it mimics estrogen. Increasing your hormone levels this way can lead to a variety of cancers.

#3 Veggie Burgers

Going vegetarian can be deadly. Veggie burgers are seriously bad for you. Most veggie burgers contain two different kinds of MSG. MSG causes liver inflammation and brain damage. And if you manage to dodge those two bullets, it suppresses feelings than you’re full and helps you get fat.

#4 Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water has been blatantly advertising lies. The beverage claims that it’s a healthy sports drink. In reality, it has more sugar than soda. You’re literally better off chugging Mountain Dew than drinking Vitamin Water. Either way you’re drinking your way to a host of health problems.

#5 Low-fat Yogurt

Dieters love low-fat yogurt because it’s low in calories. But it’s also low in nutrition. And flavored diet yogurt replaces sugar with artificial sweeteners. And some of that fake sugar has been linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s and other disorders.

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  1. John C. permalink
    November 23, 2013 9:22 am

    Sirnatural, I am finding bits and pieces of your blogs are very “broad stroked”, and thus unsubstanciated when you look closer. An example would be your recent “Healthy Foods that are Killing You”. There are both veggie burgers and low fat yorgurts in the market that do not contain the unhealthy ingredience that you broadly apply to all. I would also take issue your Soy remark. Such generalizations, and/or unsubstantiated remarks will work to undermind legitimacy in your other writings. I could go on to other blogs, but this would then become quite lengthy. As always, read and understand labels, question what you read, and be healthy! Respectfully, JC

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